How to access to CARES NG

The CARES NG® platform runs on cloud-based web servers and therefore the user needs only a browser to get access to it. To do so, go to the CARES NG® webpage and fill the login form, shown in the figure below.

Insert your Username and password and click on log-in-green

The browser promptly opens the initial page of the CARES NG® software, shown in the figure below.
my data

The default page of CARES NG® is the My Data folder within the file management system. This folder contains your own data and the exposure assessments previously run.

Forgot Password

Click on Forgot Password, as highlighted in the following picture.
The software requires you to provide an email address; insert it into the text field, then click on the button Forgot Password Reset your Password. An email will be sent to this address with the link to the webpage where you can enter a new password.