Main folders

The left side bar show the three main folders of the File Management System. These folders are:

  1. My Data
  2. Group Data
  3. CARES Data

This menu contains also the links to:

  1. The list of the recent files
  2. The trash folder

My Data

This folder contains user’s own data and is not shared with the other users belonging to the same group. In this folder it is possible to run new assessments, create new tables and new subfolders and get access to the PDP tool.

Group Data

This folder has the same functionalities as the My Data folder except it is visible to your group. This is a shared folder so be careful not to delete someone else’s data.


The folder CARES Data is a read only folder that contains the databases installed into CARES NG®.
It is not possible to edit, modify or delete the tables that are stored into this folder. However, it is possible to create an editable version of these tables by copying them into another folder; the user has full rights (read, write and delete) on the copies. The copies cannot be used in the exposure assessments; only the original data will be accepted.


This shows a list of all the files recently visited.


This folder contains all the files that were deleted. They can be restored or permanently deleted, as described in the File actions page.