Overview of user interface

This section provides a high level overview of the user interface of CARES NG. More detailed instruction can be found in the documentation.

The user interface is comprised of three major components.

  • File management system
  • Data editor
  • Wizard

File management system

The file management systems works in a similar way to the file management systems on your computer or an online system like Google Drive.


Actions can be carried out in a variety of ways.


To create a new table type use the Create button


On small screens the file management system will adapt.


Viewing files details

File details are hidden from view until needed. To access details click the information icon at the end of a row.


Data Editor

The data editor can be thought of as a simplified version of Excel. It allows you to carry out fundamental actions such as edit, filter, sort and copy filtered table.

The data editor requires you to manually validate tables using the Validate Data button before use in an assessment.



The wizard in CARES NG pulls together the information needed for an assessment run. The basics of the interface are as follows:

  • Navigate forward and back through steps using the arrow button or the right menu
  • The right menu summarises important choices
  • Save your assessment as a draft at any time
  • Run assessments are saved back to the folder you were in