Release note – v.1.1

Highlight of features included in current release

  • New and improved filtering system to accommodate more complex filter types
  • Infinite scrolling implemented – Users can scroll past 25+ files in each folder
  • Improved calculation of the infants’ body-weight in the 365-day diaries created with the matched-diet model
  • Dietary model random spreads the data from neighbour to cover n non-consecutive days over the year.
  • Assessment wizard – the statistics step retains previous selections when closing & reopening or rerunning the assessment
  • Link to the manual in drop down menu fixed
  • Entire REJV database uploaded into the software
  • REJV tool has been fully development
  • Residential model:
    • Calculation of the handler exposure for all the scenarios is in milligrams
    • Toxicology data shown in the assessment output tables
    • Calculation of the dermal exposure for the scenarios produce correct results for all the scenarios

Known issues in current release

  • Cells of the column “Population ID” in the chemical table have not been changed into drop-down menus
  • Activity page – quick links to successful assessments not working.
  • Validation process of the product table currently under review
  • Users must reset passwords from the login page, password reset on profile page is not working.
  • Validation process – if errors are corrected while filtered by the validation process, the system does not deactivate the error filters
  • Data editor – column headers and data precision under review
  • Dietary model – mismatch of subject IDs and exposure levels in the iterations following the first one leading to wrong values of the higher percentiles
  • Residential model:
    • Cumulative model not scheduled for this release; it is only possible to analyse a single chemical.
    • PDF report is not available
    • Validation process of the product table does not handle valid combinations of formulations and application methods