The REJV database

The Residential Exposure Joint Venture (REJV) collects, organizes and analyses label and use information for pesticide products used in and around the home. REJV created a survey for consumers, with an objective to develop a comprehensive database of residential use and exposure data on consumer pesticides to provide EPA with “real world” use information for assessments. Survey objectives include:

  • Providing key label related information such as registration number, formulation type, % active ingredient, application method and rate, area treated, use instructions and precautionary statements
  • Survey-based use information such as EPA registration number, product name, application method, date of application, frequency and timing of use, and site of application

The REJV database is a proprietary data set; it will be installed into the CARES NG platform but the access will be granted to the REJV members only. The database is equipped with a specific tool, called REJV tool, that will enable the user to easily inspect the data and extract the information to be provided as inputs for the residential model. The REJV tool does not interface with the assessment wizard of the residential model; the user has to insert manually the data obtained from the REJV database into the residential wizard.

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